This journey talks about a Sardinian healer and a cure brought from distant lands, a gift from China.
In the 17th century, during the plague that struck Sardinia, a group of Jesuits returned from China to assist the sick. The religious brought with them seven healing practices, meighinas in Sardinian. The sciatica cure is the only one that has come down to us, through Francesco and his ancestors. Every year, during waning moon periods, Francesco receives hundreds of patients in his workshop. For each patient he collects a fig branch, which he debarks with his grandfather's knife. Prayers mark the time and calm the patient, while the fig webbing is used to measure the thigh by recording the points where acupressure should be applied. At the end of the waning moon period Francesco throws the knotted webbing into the fire, along with which the pains of his patients will be permanently dissolved: "come non veda più questo, non senta più il dolore."
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